Don’t Mess with a Mother’s School District!

February 26, 2008 at 5:28 pm (mothers, neighborhoods, school districts) (, , )

Oh – my – GOODNESS!!  So I’ve been out of the loop – I know.   I’ve had no desire to post recently because I still can’t upload pictures.  And a blog is just a ‘tiny’ bit boring without any pictures, so I’ve been trying to save your sanity of feeling the need to comment on a boring old post.  But hopefully I can get that resolved soon – all I have to do is go get a new card & usb for goodness sake!

 Ok – so back to the point of this post – don’t mess with a mother’s school district!!!  As I was saying – oh – my – GOODNESS!!!  So apparently the county is considering redistricting the current elementary school for our subdivision.  Without having a child in school yet, I would have hardly even noticed this was going on except for the fact that we have a ‘yahoo group’ posting board for our neigborhood – and let me just tell you these mothers are going off.  There were 55+ messages in my inbox in a matter of 2 days – all from mothers weighing in – mainly your typical the school is good, the school is bad, they did this to my kid, well they did this to mine, etc..  The crazy thing though is how personal it got.  Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite:

 “Please don’t attack me or make fun of my post as has been done to others posting here. I am simply putting information out there for you to consider and I am not perfect, nor will my post be.”

“It seems that some people can not make a point without being condescending so I won’t be a “lemming” and stoop down to their level.” (which by the way … she managed to stoop down to their level)

“Do you really want your children to be part of a group that continually excludes others based on implied wealth, social standing, or lack thereof?”

“Fewer lemmings headed to the cliff might make this neighborhood more comfortable for those of us who see genuine happiness in our children and don’t feel the need to compete with Neighborhood X, Y, Z, or any of the other flavors of the month.”

“I think we are all entitled to stating our opinion with out being attacked by someone who thinks that their Masters gives them the right to state their opinion as fact and insinuate that everyone else is just ignorant.”

So … anyone want to come hang out in my ‘hood … I think some of these ladies are on the welcome committee:)



  1. staci said,

    Ha ha ha! Love the last sentence. So…does that open up the homeschool debate?!

  2. ohamanda said,

    Yikes! Good thing E is only 2!

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