Big News!!

January 19, 2008 at 9:04 am (big news, Deal or No Deal) (, )

I won $200,000!!!  In points that is – on the online version of Deal or No Deal!  It’s so much fun – like Solitaire Vegas Style – only better!  I’d love to be on that show.  I don’t think I’m crazy enough so I’d probably have to ‘ham up’ the audition pretty good, but how much fun would that be?!?  I think I like it because it doesn’t take any talent & you don’t have to be smart.  The only thing you have to do is know when to take a deal & when to take a risk. 

Number 11 would be my case of choice.  And when picking the other cases I wouldn’t pick birthdays or the number of kids I have, or anything silly like that.  I always feel bad when they pick #18 because that’s their only daughter’s birthday and then it ends up being the $1million & it’s all her fault that they won’t win it.

I spent my $200k pretty quickly in my mind, so I might have to go for more next time.

Oh yea, but the whole point of my ‘Big News’ post was to say that we’re expecting our 2nd child – due late August / early September.  I’m still w/out my camera, so I’ll leave Staci the job of giving a more exciting post.  So if I did make it on Deal or No Deal & I did pick cases by the number of children I have … well I’d soon have to pick #2:)


  1. Staci E said,


  2. staci said,

    My dream come true! Another niece or nephew :)

  3. brandybuzz said,

    Yea!!! Congrats!

  4. Becky said,

    You brat! So, you were pregnant at Christmas time!!

  5. ohamanda said,



  6. Mandy said,

    I KNEW IT!!!!!! I so totally pegged you at christmas mandi, i can smell a pregnancy from a mile away….okay that sounded wierd! Congratulations!! How in the world did you not spill your beans?

  7. Brandy said,

    Hey! Congrats!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  8. Kristen said,

    OH MY GOSH! Congratulations, my friend! That is amazing!

  9. » A Postive Update! said,

    […] wondering why it said “not to be outdone”? I’m not the only preggo sisterchick! Mandi’s little chickie is due September 2008! Yay, we’ll be preggo at the same […]

  10. The closing of a decade « it’s come to this … said,

    […] announced to friends in family that we were expecting again in January of 2009 (yes – we still waited […]

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