Everyone’s an Audience

January 14, 2008 at 8:08 am (Uncategorized)

That’s the case with the little guy anyways.  Whether you want to be or not (want to = family, not = probably everyone else), you stand the chance of becoming his audience.  He’ll sing, play air guitar & take more bows than he deserves for his performance but if he feels he has a captive audience he’s going to take advantage of it.  At times it can be a little embarrasing but I guess it’s better than the approaching stage of when he asks all those ‘really’ embarrasing questions.

His favorite places to perform (outside of the 24-hour stage that our living room has become) is the grocery cart – it’s a moving stage … how fun is that!  Any restaurant like Moes or Firehouse where they yell at you when you come in … that gets him excited because he thinks they like for you to yell back!  Any time we’re in line & especially when he has a hat on while waiting in that line … that’s normally when he practices his bows & ‘thank yous’.   Any time he passes a mirror or his reflection … even if he’s the only captive audience, that still works for him!  And of course anytime there’s an echo (like a parking lot or public restroom) … to him that’s just sound effects for his concert!

So on Saturday night Pep was out watching the game & the little guy & I had a date at Firehouse … so the ‘concert’ started as soon as we walked in the door & they said “Welcome to Firehouse”.  Then of course we had to wait in line & they gave him a hat (oh brother).  And the only open table happen to be next to the front window where we had to sit next to our reflections (here we go again).  Finally he had to go potty half way through dinner, so anyone sitting 20 feet next to the bathrooms was treated to an encore!

Too bad he doesn’t get paid by the performance:)



  1. ohamanda said,

    SO FUNNY! I want to see one of his concerts! I’m sure Lydia would enjoy it!

  2. staci said,

    I’m laughing so hard right now! I can just hear it now: “Dis one’s for de people!”

  3. Kristen said,

    How cute! Definitely put me in the “family” camp!

  4. Beck said,

    We need video!

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