It’s not good Mommy!

September 5, 2007 at 1:06 pm (2year olds)

Those were the words I heard this morning as I was making up the bed and the little guy was downstairs playing.  “It’s not good Mommy” … as in what I say to him when he’s done something (minor) that he shouldn’t have done – “Son, that’s not good”.  So this morning, he decided to go ahead & tell me himself.  And some people think little ones don’t know what they’re doing … well he knew that he was coloring on something other than paper & he also knew that it wasn’t good!!Fortunately, this time, it was just one of his toys!

Just this week, he’s also started telling me … “you be ugly mommy” & “you be nice mommy” as in when I tell him, “Son, that’s not nice, that’s very ugly”!  I guess this is only the beginning of him repeating everything we say & do!!  Those are the times that make it hard not to laugh:)



  1. brandybuzz said,

    Cute! Nora likes to say to me “Excuse me.” I guess I say that a little to much to her. It drives me crazy when she says it to me. I also have a hard time not laughing. Just the week she stood at the white board and pretended to teach the pretend boys and girls about how they have to obey Jesus. It was so funny listening to her repeat things that I have said to her. Maybe at least they are getting it!

  2. ohamanda said,

    I already have to watch my mouth. Lydia repeats me when I go, “Hmmmm…” like when I’m looking for something. How crazy!

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