The Devil in a Blue Dress

August 30, 2007 at 2:17 pm (pregnancy, pregnant)

My friend Amanda blogged about this just recently & then my friend Alicia also touched on the subject during one of her posts … I need something to blog about, so why not this! Pep & I got married pretty young. I’m certain that certain people thought we were crazy. I can only remember one person voicing an opinion that we were too young … she was my mom’s cousin – by marriage – and she said, “don’t you think you’re too young to get married” (in a very snooty voice & stance). That was it – no “congratulations, but don’t you think” or anything like that. I never cared for her much anyways & she happened to be wearing a blue dress that night, so we quickly named her as this post’s title implies!!

We knew we were young and had plenty of things we wanted to do first, so from the very beginning our plan was to wait “at least 5 years” before having children. That was also always our pat answer for the ever annoying question “so when are y’all going to have children” … answer: “it will be at least 5 years”. As we got closer to our 5-year anniversary, the answer still remained the same; although, the more annoyed I got with that question, the more attitude I’d also give with the answer … “well you’ll certainly be t he first to know” (smirk, smirk)!

It started getting tricky though after our 5-year anniversary came & went and then we did actually get pregnant. I wanted to wait as long as possible to tell anyone (that’s probably a whole other post one day), so for 3 months we were pregnant & people would ask the annoying question. I think we used something like “we’ll just have to wait & see”.

When the time finally came to tell our family, we had both sides over for dinner on two separate nights. We gave each family member a gift (we were already celebrating other events, so it was a little strange to give everyone a gift but I think we pulled it off ok). The gift was a picture frame that read “first picture due August 14, 2005” … we got the very blank stares for a minute until it registered with everyone & then of course the happy screams!!

The first picture actually came 8 days early on August 6, 2005!!



  1. ohamanda said,

    Cute post, Mandi! I love baby stories. And I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE you didn’t tell us for THREE MONTHS. Now that you’ve already had one, you better tell us after that first pregnancy test. Hey, you’re not pregnant right now are you?!!!

  2. staci said,

    It’s hard to believe he used to be that little :)

  3. Kristen said,

    I still can’t believe that you pulled that 3 month thing off! (Or understand why you wanted to!) All I know is that it is unlike any story I’ve ever heard about someone having a baby. Never say you aren’t unique! Can’t wait to (not) hear about the next little person!

  4. Alicia said,

    This made me laugh! I still don’t know how you waited so long to tell : -)
    Poor Pep was even in the dark for a while!!

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