The Great Eight Anniversary!

August 21, 2007 at 6:35 pm (anniversary, Pepper, wedding)

scan0001, originally uploaded by mandiholcombe.

It’s been 8 years today since Pep & I said our “I-do’s”. We’ve known each other & been together for almost 13 years!!! That’s crazy to me because that’s almost 1/2 my life!!! I think a birthday or an anniversary of anything has alot to do with reflection … looking back on what makes a specific day special, important or significant & looking forward about how to make today a significant day of it’s own.

So when I look back over the last eight years, I see that like everyone else we’ve had some really good times, done some really cool things, gone on some really great vacations, taken some pretty crazy risks & of course had our share of heartache along the way.

We’ve gone parasailing, snorkeling, rock-climbing, hiked through a rain forest & taken tours by canoe, helicopter & even 4-wheelers! We’ve traveled to some awesome place – Jamaica for our Honeymoon, the Bahamas, a couple skiing trips to Colorado, our West Coast Adventure from San Diego to Beverly Hills/LA/Hollywood, a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands (thanks Mom & Dad), Mexico, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, a couple trips to FL, and even the great state of North Dakota (thanks Alicia & Josh)!

Between the 2 of us, we’ve had 9 jobs … which I’m not sure how that’s even mathmatically possible since two of those jobs we each had for 4.5/5 years!! We’ve had 6 house (only 2 of which we’ve lived in … that’s the “risk” referenced above)!

Along the way we’ve lost an aunt, two grandmothers, a grandfather and a brother. But we’ve also been blessed by a now 2year old little boy that birngs his own little set of adventures for us to share!!

So it’s our anniversary, a day to reflect on an important day that happened in our past but like any other day to stop & think about how today will become significant in our future (and no Staci … even though I may look like it, I’m not pregnant:)!


  1. Kristen said,

    Congratulations to you guys! I love your post and how you use this time to reflect! I love the wedding pic, too!

  2. ohamanda said,

    What a beautiful post, Mandi! Gosh, you guys have done a lot! Congratulations! And I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 8!

  3. staci said,

    Very sweet!

  4. Alicia said,

    Congrats Mandi! You guys have had quite the adventerous 8 years together.
    Here’s too many, many more :)

  5. brandybuzz said,


  6. cindyhunnicutt said,

    I can’t believe it- when I read your title I thouhhgt- Surely she’s not talking about thiier wedding anniversary! Time sure has flown. Congratulations!
    I loved the picture.

  7. I do … again! « it’s come to this … said,

    […] Anniversary!! I’ve been blogging a little over two years now, so here’s a post from our Eighth Anniversary.  And then of course the big Ninth Anniversary.  Honestly, I’m no more excited about the […]

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