5-Course Meals … what??

August 13, 2007 at 3:27 pm (blogging, google searches)

I got my very first google search referral this weekend!!  Some poor sole was searching for 5-Course Meal ideas and I came up number 2 on the list.  Don’t you know they had to be disappointed … but not me, I was kind of excited!  How fun, my first referral … and on top of that the post is my Top Post right now.  Who would have thought it.  Since I’m still struggling with posting on topics of relevance or just plain interest right now, I think looking at the stats is my favorite part of blogging.   So thank you poor sole for giving me a blogging reason to be excited about for the day:)



  1. brandybuzz said,

    Very Funny!

  2. ohamanda said,

    LOVE IT, Mandi! One time someone found my blog by searching for “the crocodile who ate 300 people”. What is up with that?!

  3. housewife9988 said,

    how come u stop in Aug 2007, it had 2 years lapsed!!!
    keep on blogging…

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