10 Years Later

July 22, 2007 at 10:35 pm (Friends, High School, Reunions)

This weekend was my 10 year high school reunion … Go Eagles!  It was a two night deal – Friday night was just an informal get together at a local restaurant & Saturday night was a formal thing downtown.  Or another way to look at it was that Friday night was free & Saturday night was about $75 per person … I chose Friday night. 

I didn’t decide until the very last minute to go, but I’m glad I did … surprisingly it was alot of fun.  I went with a girlfriend that I still keep in touch with so we were each other ‘security’ + my cousin graduated in the same class so I figured there’d at least be two people I remembered & liked:).  It was of course filled with the very basic, dull questions like so ” what do you do”, “where do you live”, etc. etc.  But it was so nice to see alot of friends that I honestly haven’t seen since graduation!!! As far as I could tell no one has made any great invention or become incredibly wealthy, famous, or anything like that.  One guy is a Blackhawk Pilot – I think that’s pretty cool & another girl married a Pro Football player – that’s about as close to famous as the Class of 1997 has gotten (minus the one awaiting criminal charges … he at least made local news)!

Anyhow – it was just very strange, but in a good way – most people hadn’t changed a bit (minus a few extra pounds, but still looked the same) and then a couple I wouldn’t have recognized walking past them (and I didn’t that night).  I think the strangest thing for me when I stop to think about the last 10 years is that the Class of 2007 was in 2nd grade when I graduated … that’s just crazy to me … 2nd grade!!

 Well, if I keep this blogging up for another 10 years, then I’ll update you on my 20th!

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  1. staci said,

    Way to show that Eagle pride! See anybody I would know?

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