64oz of H20 & 5 Servings of Veggies

July 17, 2007 at 1:27 am (diet, veggies, water, weight loss)

I meet with some girls in the neighborhood once a week … we’re all trying to loose some weight so we’re accountability partners basically.  We weigh in each week, keep track of the scales, what we’re doing etc. etc.  We all had hit a little rut for a few weeks so we decided to add a ‘healthy challanege’ each week.  Last week we were to drink the recommended 64oz of water each day … I thought I drank a good bit of water, but when you keep track I thought I was going to puke (I’ve used that word twice this week in posts) b/c I was so sick of it.  I use to love water & that’d be all I drink, but I’m out of that phase right now.  Each day I forced the final 64 ounces down though!!  This week we’re adding a concentration on the recommended servings of veggies — I know I’m not going to do too good on this one either since I have no reason to cook each night this week, but really … who gets that many servings in??  I think if I complete this challange then between forcing down the water & veggies along with all the extra trips to the bathroom b/c of all the water … I basically won’t have time to do much else!



  1. ohamanda said,

    Cool! How fun that you have someone to do this with! I like the idea of adding one new thing a week…so you don’t feel overwhelmed! Have you seen any results?

  2. brandy said,

    The water part is hard. I am not a very thirsty person so I don’t drink a lot during the day. And I totally understand the puking part because if I do drink a lot then it makes me feel sick. I think that is why I don’t drink as much as I should during the day. It is great that you have a group of friends to keep you on track! It sounds like a fun adventure with them.

  3. Kristen said,

    Your group is so cool! A group that actually meets together to inspire POSITIVE change in each other? That is so good. A tip for the veggies…(I know I sound like Beckers right now….)…if you like V8, my trainer said it is a really good source. Just a thought. Good luck on your water and veggie week!

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