Stebie Way, Sansana & Barley

June 9, 2007 at 2:02 am (Bob Marley, Santana, Stevie Ray)

 A little less than just 1 month ago you couldn’t pay my almost 2-year old Evan to sit still long enough to watch a commercial, much less any normal cartoon.  While I’m glad he’s not a baby couch potato, there are certainly occassions where it’d be nice to have just a few minutes of ‘down time’ … i.e.: cooking, cleaning, folding clothes, etc. … you know all those times when you need to accomplish something. 

We now have our ‘cartoon’!  My husband put on a Stevie Ray Vaughann (he’s a guitar player, Staci) concert video for himself to watch … but who climbs up on the couch all by himself for a front-row seat … EVAN!!!  He’s now hooked … probably a bit addicted.  He wakes up wanting Stebie Way & goes to sleep wanting Stebie Way.  Since the DVD is already skipping, we got a couple replacement Sansana (aka Santana) and Barley (aka Bob Marley) videos as well … they don’t carry the same weight as Stebie, but they’re good in a pinch!



  1. staci said,

    Chillin’ like a villian!!

  2. Kristen said,

    Is he his daddy’s boy or what?????

  3. cindyhunnicutt said,

    He’s a musician!!!

  4. Alvaro said,

    Amen on the boy already learning what Stevie, Santana and Marley are. Try some Hendrix too!
    By the way, it is absolutely amazing how concentrated that kid looks in the picture. He doesn’t even look like a kid…

  5. The american song « it’s come to this … said,

    […] 25, 2009 at 8:37 pm (Evan) (American Song, Carrie Underwood) Someone’s giving Stevie Ray Vaughn a run for his money & the “who” might surprise you!  It’s none other than […]

  6. Joe said,

    How cute an congrads on the podie traning and now I wish my son would learn as fast as he did

  7. Barry said,

    Hahaha awesome …Stebie & Barley Do Rockkkkkk !

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