This is what it’s come to …

May 27, 2007 at 2:54 am (blogging)

in order to keep up with my friends & family and also have them keep up with me … it’s come to this – this blog. 

I never knew that my best friend got letter head from Quarker Oats to draw on as a child, that my sister‘s had the same checking account for 16 years, that another best friend could paint such cool canvas pictures or another carries a book around with her everywhere.   I never knew that Miss Cindy got her first microwave in 1977 or that Nora got curious george panties for her birthday … I never knew any of this until I read these blogs. 

So this is what it’s come to … in order to keep up with everyone else & everyone keep up with me (assuming I actually keep up with this) … then it’s come to this – this blog!


  1. ohamanda said,

    Mandi. I am overly excited about your blog. Woo-hoo! We did it, girls–sucked another one in!

    I think you’re gonna like it…

    (just a tad more grown up than myspace, dontcha think?)

  2. Staci said,

    well, well, well! Look who has a blog! Very cool. Can’t wait to read all about your life!!

  3. beckbeck said,

    Awesome! Now, we’re just waiting on Mandy!

  4. cindyhunnicutt said,

    Welcome!! You’re right, it’s kind of crazy that our lives are so crazy we have to go to “cyber-space” to keep up! But on the other hand, it’s really nice to know what’s going on, what others are doing and thinking about that we would never get to hear about otherwise. I am SO GLAD you’re doing this too!!!!
    Love you,
    Cindy :-)

  5. Macoosh said,

    welcome to the blogworld! i’m a regular reader of amanda’s and she sent me over to check it out. hope you have fun with it; it becomes a really great tool for so many things.

    have a great day!

  6. Kristen said,

    Yea Mandi! I am so very excited! I can’t believe how addicted I am to finding out about everybody through their blogs! I love it!!!!!!

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  9. gaylerg said,

    I’m not a sisterchick, maybe more like a motherhen, but I love keeping up with all of you guys. This is a great idea.
    I attended an all day Real Estate Tech seminar today about Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, etc., but this is a welcome change – personal!!
    Love you all.

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